Prices and Rules

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Our Prices

Our prices are valid from 1 juli 2018

1 hour 75 kr.
2 hours 100 kr.
3 hours 125 kr.
4 hours 150 kr.
6 hours 175 kr.
8 hours 200 kr.
10 hours 225 kr.
12 hours 250 kr.
1 extra hour 60 kr.
Children under 12 years half price



Payment in cash, there is no possibility to change.

Our Rules

We try to keep our rules as clear and simple as possible. If you are still unsure, or have questions, please contact us!


Fishing rules

  • Snagging fish is strictly prohibited!
  • All snagged fish have to be released again!
  • Only 1 rod per fishing card
  • Fishing license must be purchased before the start of fishing
  • Only one hook per fishing rod allowed
  • Pre-baiting is not allowed
  • Caught fish must not be released
  • Show respect for other anglers


  • Fishing without a valid fishing license results in a control fee of 250,- kr. , expulsion and 1 year quarantine
  • If you are caught snagging fish you have to pay 75,- kr per kg fish. This applies to ALL fish, regardless of how they were caught, plus 1 year of quarantine
  • Quarantine applies to bothMedestedet and Buderupholm Fiskesøer

General rules of conduct

  • Keep clean the site
  • Fish must only be cleaned at the cleaning table
  • Stay at the lakes on your own responsibility
  • Cars have to be parked in the car park

Catch Limit

Effective 1. January 2019 we have a catch limit at our lakes.

0 – 8 hours: 10 fish
10 – 12 hours: 15 fish

We ask for your understanding for this limitation!