Medestedet – Fishing Lake at Willestrup Å

Variety Guaranteed! We always stock up to 5 different trout species from Buderupholm fish farm!

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Welcome to the

Fishing Lake at Willestrup Å

Medestedet is the place for those who want to enjoy a relaxing fishing trip in the beautiful nature. Alone, together with family or friends. The idyllic, family friendly fishing lake is located in Himmerland, and bordering the forest Rold Skov.

In the lake there are plenty of fish of the highest quality. Rainbow trout, brown trout and other species from 1 to 8 kg. At the lake there are tables and benches, sanitary facilities, a cleaning place with running water, in short everything you need.

Opening hours

Our lakes are open ever day of the week, all year around.

We are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Species of fish

All our fish are from Buderupholm fish farm. We stock Rainbow trout, Golden trout, Tiger trout, Brown trout and Brook trout.


We release fish into both lakes at least three times a week. The amount of fish depends on the number of visitors at our lakes.

Species of trout

Open days per year

Square meters of water